Infinite Jest reading complete

Just now finally finished Infinite Jest — I admire Wallace’s “iron will” and “analytic savvy” and his seemingly endless yet somehow coordinated and technically accurate rabbit hole of 388 footnotes!
As I coasted in to the end, I sat out on a sun-washed balcony here in Key Largo, Fl, and I could here the faint sound of a tennis ball popping rhythmically back and forth and I thought of DFW — what a mind and talent! And of course what a tragic loss.

Also some parts of the book I felt truly altered my mind. Some parts make you feel like you can surmount anything just by reading it. This book should be well-known by NA and AA organizations and anyone who has ever been addicted to a Substance.


One thought on “Infinite Jest reading complete

  1. This sounds pretty great man. I’ve had my substance issues in the past…so this might just be right up my alley. That’s the thing with me and reading…it takes me a while to find the right book, but after that I can usually buckle down and finish it.

    I’ve read a few autobiographies, novels, etc. but my major intake of reading comes from online articles and to a lesser extent, newspaper articles.

    Frank Zappa’s autobiography “The Real Frank Zappa Book” is where I’m at now. It’s real boss. The guy was a genius!!


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