Children of the Sun, Preamble

I’ve decided to type up my journal reflections from my time teaching ESL and living with a host family down in Ecuador this summer.  A work of non-fiction.  Here goes.


Romantically lost, I set out once again.  This time to Ecuador of all places.  Don’t ask me how I got involved in this.  I got suckered in, I’ll tell you that much.  The Spanish teacher — it was all her influence — that and of course the pressure of going into my tenure year as the district’s ESL teacher and I’m still basically monolingual.

It’s a shame.  All that time learning German.  All that sex in Germany and Spain and America and Ireland.  (Her dad worked for an airline.)  All leading up to one big jilt. A jilt I should’ve seen coming.  I had my issues and she had hers.  Then there was the ocean to reckon with.  Yet somehow I thought we could’ve made it.  Then alas! jilted by-email on my smartphone last May while attending a Red Wings game.

All that’s behind me now.  Can’t you tell?  I’m defying the research on depressed men which I believe states that it takes a minimum of 2 years to get over a girl, especially one who was your only true relief as a soldier over in Germany, who stayed faithful even when you were in Iraq, and who dealt with you even when you came back all crazy, out of your mind and not knowing it until much later.

She was an earthy girl, I’ll describe her as that.  And we had some lovely, earthy times together, but now she’s long long gone — with her blue eyes, foreign tongue, and all…

And now off for the assumably “tropical” country of Ecuador (yet we all must know now that it is mountainous and often cold and misty, not getting up above 75 most days in most parts — always Wikipedia the country you’re traveling too.  It’s a reliable enough site for assuring insight on appropriate clothing.)

July 22nd I leave and sure enough it interferes with my singles mingles rock climbing event on the  26th!  But I’m off nevertheless!  I need to get a more organized calendar and pay more attention to details, i.e. dates!

Anyway, looking forward to smoldering in the sun and teaching ESL down there to a bunch of kids while I stumble to no end to understand my host family.  The Baez family, that is.  The guy is very animated.  And speaks just a lick of Ingles.  Spanish through immersion while scribbling down as much vocab. down as I can is what’s in store.  A little taste of my own medicine I suppose.  At any rate, it might be good to dry out, live with evangelical Christian strong-willed folks in the soft brown hills of Ecuador for a while.


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