Children of the Sun

The children here in Ecuador are playful and the older ones are a bit shy but nevertheless eventually playful and curious, especially when learning English.  So far I have taught for one and a half weeks my secondary ESL class which includes children from ten to what must be twenty-something or even thirty.  I have traveled yesterday to El Mitad Del Mundo, the middle of the world, and had some great interaction and immediate Spanish lessons as I enjoyed El Mejor Plato, the best meal and we got some great pictures from atop the equator monument of the mountains and some of the sprawl of Quito which seems to inch up the mountains like all those terraces of rice and corn and even stone extractors.  It is indeed a different reality for the people of Quito Ecuador than for those of Canandaigua, NY.  Work has a different meaning.  I have worked, probably harder than I ever have, with the exception of some of those endless missions during my time in the army.  Here I had helped make cement, the old-fashioned way, without machines but a group of dedicated Christians, mixing dirt and cement and rock and molding it together with water and then passing it up bucket by bucket to strong-bodied young lads on the scaffold who hoist it up to the roof of the Christian school where it is evened out with a wooden leveler (I cannot remember the technical term for it, but I am sure Pete Haopin could, a technical wizard and pure hard-working Christian missionary).


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